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In-depth, science-backed & comprehensive courses for natural conception, IUI & IVF. Focusing on guiding you through each phase of your cycle, supporting ovulation and implantation, regulating your nervous system & easing stress + anxiety levels as you're trying to conceive.


Yoga for IVF Online Course


At step-by-step guide for every phase of your IVF cycle. Including yoga sequences, meditations & visualizations.¬†Reconnect with your body & help regulate your nervous system out of the ‚Äúfight or flight‚ÄĚ response.


Yoga for IUI Online Course


At day-by-day guide for every step of your IUI cycle. Including yoga sequences, meditations, breathwork practices & visualizations. Help ease stress & anxiety levels. Safe for both natural cycle & medicated IUIs.


Breathwork for Fertility 


Your breath is the most powerful way to calm your mind + body at any moment. Learn cycle-specific practices to boost your fertility, regulate your nervous system & guide you through the stress of trying to conceive.


Prenatal & Postnatal Courses

Prenatal Yoga + Prenatal Pilates


Includes 2 x complete prenatal courses. Week-by-week programs will guide you through pregnancy & birth prep. Maintain core + pelvic floor function & connect with your body & baby. Including meditations & mindset work to prepare for delivery.


Postnatal Recovery Online Course


Your complete birth recovery & Core Reconnection Program. Feel stronger, relieve pain & discomfort, heal your diastasis & nourish yourself in the post-partum period. Includes C- section recovery program.


1:1 Private Online Sessions


Tailor your yoga practice to your exact needs with an in-depth private lesson. A 1:1 session is a great way to get started if you're new to Fertility Yoga. All sessions run for 75 minutes & include a detailed fertility & health history. 


Why take one of our courses?

Easy to follow


Each program walks you through each stage of your journey & outlines what exercises you should follow & when. Workouts are offered in a variety of lengths so you can choose how much time you spend working out.

In-Depth Information


All exercises in your course are explained & alternatives offered for those who may need to modify certain poses or positions. All courses include tutorials, recipe books & detailed nutritional & lifestyle advice help you along your journey.

Trusted Experts


All courses have been written & designed by women with years of experience, both professionally & personally. Online support is available from these experts as needed throughout your course if you require a little extra guidance.

Not sure which course is best for you?

If you want some guidance around which course will be best suited to where you are in your journey, please feel free to get in touch with me, I'm more than happy to advise

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