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Prenatal Yoga + Pilates Online Courses 

Learn how yoga during pregnancy can:

Connect you to your body & baby, increase strength & mobility, improve pelvic floor function

And prepare your body + mind for birth. 

Relieve stress + anxiety
Connect to your pelvic floor
Recover more easily post-birth

Research shows us that those who engage in targeted prenatal exercises...


Have fewer pelvic floor complications & regain their pre-pregnancy strength far more easily than those who don't

The skills you learn in Prenatal Yoga + Pilates will support your body throughout pregnancy & beyond:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety around pregnancy + birth

  • Focus on relieving pregnancy-related aches & pains

  • Know exactly what exercise you should be doing at each stage of your pregnancy

Practicing Yoga + Pilates throughout your pregnancy will help you:

Ease any anxiety around pregnancy: 

Feeling connected to your body & your baby through each trimester helps to ease stress

Relieve prenatal aches & pains:

Safe, proven and science-based practices that will strengthen and tone your body

Feel prepared in the lead up to birth:

Focus on breathing techniques & movements to assist you every step of the way


I've spent the last 15 years working with women on their journeys to motherhood...

and I put this knowledge into practice during my own pregnancies

I know that during pregnancy you want to maintain your strength & abilities...but you don't want to put your body or baby at risk by engaging in the wrong type of exercise.


Over the years, I've worked with women who:

  • Had never practiced Yoga or Pilates until they became pregnant 
  • Have been able to heal a diastasis recti from previous pregnancies
  • Have removed the pain of SPD, SIJ dysfunction & lower back issues
  • Have drastically reduced the likelihood of needing an unplanned C-section

Just like these women, I found the medical world lacking in regards to safe & appropriate information around exercise during pregnancy. 


If you're unsure where to start, let me guide you through proven sequences that have been developed over years of research & practice. 


Prepare Your Body + Mind for Birth 

The Element Prenatal Yoga + Prenatal Pilates Online Courses

Real Women with Real Results

 "I started this program during my 2nd pregnancy, and I actually found things a lot easier this time around! I loved your guidance and I felt more prepared for birth knowing what movements my body wanted in preparation. Also found the nutrition and lifestyle tips really helpful - these are things you don't normally hear from your doctor."

Tania, Australia

"I wasn't really active in the lead up to falling pregnant, so felt a bit nervous about starting an exercise routine. I'd heard so many good things about prenatal pilates & yoga and a friend  recommended your course. I found it so helpful, and I'm happy to report I didn't have any back pain during my pregnancy, and I'm recovering well after just 2 weeks post partum. Thank you again for everything!"

Layla, Scotland

"As a first-time Mum, I was really nervous about prenatal exercise & whether I could continue to exercise. I'm so glad I decided to do your pregnancy program because there was so much that I didn't know! I loved how the classes are specific to each week of pregnancy. This made me feel confident I was doing exactly what my body needed."

Jessie, Dubai

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Complete Prenatal Pilates Library

Downloadable guides and online support throughout your pregnancy

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