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Element offers online courses and ecommerce based business to provide pre-recorded Pilates, yoga, meditation and general wellness content, directly to compatible computers, phones, tablets, televisions and other devices.

In this policy we sometimes refer to “You”. “You” may be a user or a visitor to our website or any other person relying on the Services & Content.

Element’s services, include but are not limited to:

  1. The website
  2. Your course purchase, which allows access to applications, media streaming services and all other content and services as delivered by Element Pilates & Yoga
  3. An e-commerce site, allowing users to purchase products
  4. Other websites or online content provided by or for Element, including materials, classes, resources, products, tools, content, services and social networking features.
  5. All other services provided by Element (all of the aforementioned a-e, collectively being referred to as Services and Content).

We have created this Privacy Policy to help you to understand what personal information and data (Personal Information) and non-personal information we collect and how we use such information. This Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms & Conditions. By accessing or using the Services and/or Content, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

If you are not satisfied with this Privacy Policy, please do not proceed with your subscription or use of our services as your continued use means you agree to, and abide by this Privacy Policy.

By providing us with personal information, this indicates that you have had sufficient opportunity to access this Privacy Policy and that you have read and accepted it.

If you do not wish to provide personal information to us, then you do not have to do so, however it may affect your use of this Site or any products and services offered on it.


Information We Collect

We collect and may use information or data which can be categorized as Personal Information or Other Data.

Personal Information includes your:

  1. Name; username; nickname;
  2. E-mail address;
  3. Time zone and geographical location;
  4. Street address;
  5. Telephone number and other contact details;
  6. Credit card details;
  7. Your use and/or interaction of the Services & Content;
  8. Social media accounts and website address; and
  9. Any other information you disclose to us on sign-up, through your user account, through interactions with the Services & Content, your user commentary, as well as information disclosed to our support staff and representatives, chat or message boards, surveys, promotional offers, reviews or any other methods otherwise disclosed.

Personal Information made public by you via one of our Services (such as a chat/message board), is done so at your own risk, and with the understanding that third parties may access and use this Personal Information to send you unsolicited material.

As email communications are not always the most secure, please ensure you do not include credit card or other personal information in your email correspondence to us.

Other Data includes your:

  1. Information collected via cookies and other technologies that record data about your use of the internet, websites, or third parties that promote our website or third parties that are used for other purposes;
  2. Browser and device data;
  3. Transaction data;
  4. Business data;
  5. Information collected by our advertisers, affiliates, business partners and other third parties;
  6. Any other data collected by not mentioned above.

Please note, in some circumstances you may have the ability to update your settings to disallow or refuse cookies, however please note this may affect your ability to use the Services & Content and any other functionality we make available. We cannot control or be held responsible for the use of cookies or other technologies utilised by third parties.

Any services or functionality hosted by a third party, but accessed by you via our Services or website, may be subject to the privacy policies and practices of that third party.


Method of Collection

Information is generally collected from you in the following ways:

  1. through completion of the sign-up form;
  2. through your use of our Services;
  3. through your interactions with our Services & Content
  4. through communications between you and our support staff and/or representatives;
  5. through creation and maintenance of your account with us;
  6. through your purchase interactions with us; and
  7. through your participation in our advertising, promotional offers or surveys.
  8. by lawful and fair means.

Information may also be collected from third parties such as:

  1. our advertisers, affiliates, business partners, contractors and other persons or entities who provide advertising or promotional offers on our behalf or related to us;
  2. social media networking sites where your account has been used to interact or connect with our social media pages, or access our Services & Content; and
  3. other advertisers; and
  4. mailing lists.


How We Use Information

We generally store Personal Information in electronic form on cloud document management system, third party servers and/or hard drive. Your stored Personal Information may be located, combined or linked with any other information about you that we hold, including any information we receive from third parties.

We use and disclose your Information for the following purposes:

  1. to verify your identity and eligibility for our services;
  2. to manage your account, respond to enquiries, provide support and communicate to you as a customer;
  3. to operate our business and provide the services;
  4. to provide you with updates on the services;
  5. to process a payment or regular payments, communicate regarding a payment, and provide related customer service;
  6. to conduct manual or systematic monitoring of system functionality;
  7. to enable us to display advertising, Services or Content that is relevant or of interest to you;
  8. to provide you with updates and information on our business; the Services & Content; promotional offers; competitions and products offered by us or our business partners and affiliates;
  9. to send marketing communications and/or for our marketing, research and administrative purposes or those of our business partners and affiliates;
  10. to our external service providers where required including, but not limited to, our data hosting partners; payment processing facility and IT service providers;
  11. to provide to third parties where disclosed to you in this Policy; where necessary for the operations of the Services; or otherwise where authorised by you;
  12. to conduct a review of any complaint made by or against you;
  13. to conduct a review of any unlawful or improper use of our Services;
  14. in the event where we propose to or proceed to sell, merge or otherwise modify the ownership of our business and its assets;
  15. as otherwise required in connection with our business; and
  16. as permitted or required by law.

We will not sell or rent your Personal Information to marketers or unaffiliated third parties. We share your Personal Information with trusted third parties where it is required for Subscription and Payment functionality. We recommend you view and agree to their own privacy policies and procedures.


International Disclosure 

Our services and our business operate globally and information and data may be stored and processed in any country where we have business facilities, employees, engage with service providers, contractors and business partners. As a result, your information may be disclosed overseas for any purposes as identified in this Policy. Our business is primarily based in Australia, and we will take measures to ensure that any transfer of information overseas occurs only where required under this Policy.


Access and correction of your Personal Information

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, you have a right to request access to and seek correction of any of your Personal Information that is held by us. This request can be made by emailing [email protected]



We adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) (

If you have complaints or concerns regarding this Policy or the APPs, please ensure you contact us directly by emailing [email protected]. Your privacy is important to us and we while we will get back to you as soon as possible, we ask that you allow us thirty (30) days to respond before taking any further action. We may seek further information from you to assist in our review of your complaint.

If you are dissatisfied with how we handle your complaint raised under this privacy policy, you may wish to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


Contact Us

Please ensure you read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Should you require any further information on your privacy or have any queries relating to this Policy, please contact [email protected] with your concerns.


Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy. The most current version of this Policy will always apply. The “Last updated” legend at the bottom of this Privacy Policy indicates when this Privacy Policy was last revised.

Last updated 22 February 2022