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Postnatal Recovery Course 

Learn how targeted Pilates + Yoga exercises can:

Help you recover from birth, regain body confidence, reconnect your pelvic floor & get you back to the exercise you love...

Without doing 100s of kegels! 

Regain body confidence
Restore your core + pelvic floor
Rebuild full body strength

Studies have shown that specific & targeted exercises post-birth will...


Assist with pelvic floor function & reduce the likelihood of continence issues & prolapse


The skills you learn through post-partum Pilates + Yoga will support your body as you begin your journey through motherhood:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety around "getting your body back"

  • Focus on relieving post-partum aches & pains

  • Know exactly what exercise you should be doing at each stage of your recovery

Practicing Pilates + Yoga through your post-partum recovery will help you:

Gain confidence at every step :

Know that you're engaging in the correct exercises for each phase of your recovery

Relieve post-partum aches & pains:

Safe, proven and science-based practices that will strengthen and tone your entire body

Complete C-section recovery program:

Focus on breathing techniques, movements & fascial mobility for C-section recovery


I've spent the last 15 years working with women on their journeys to motherhood...

and I put this knowledge into practice after my own pregnancies

I know that in your postpartum recovery you want to feel "like you" again as quickly as possible...but you don't want to put your body at risk by engaging in the wrong type of exercise.


Over the years, I've worked with women who:

  • Had never practiced Yoga or Pilates until they had given birth 
  • Have been able to heal diastasis recti from previous pregnancies
  • Were able to fix continence issues & prolapse
  • Successfully retuned to running & high-impact sports without issues

Just like these women, I found the medical world lacking in regards to safe & appropriate information around exercise post-birth. 


If you're unsure where to start, let me guide you through proven sequences that have been developed over years of research & practice. 


Nourish your Body + Mind as you recover from birth

The Element Postnatal Recovery Online Course

Real Women with Real Results

"I started this program after having my 2nd baby. It's now 11 weeks since I gave birth and I'm feeling stronger that I ever did after my first delivery. Thank you for answering all my questions & offering so much detail."

Olivia, South Africa

"I had a really difficult time falling pregnant, so was fairly anxious throughout my pregnancy. Because of this, I didn't do a lot of exercise but knew I needed to start something again after the birth of my son. I loved that you filmed the course while you were on your own postpartum journey, it felt like you knew exactly how I was feeling. Thank you for everything!"

Elena, USA

"I didn't do a lot of exercise during my pregnancy due to quite bad HG, so I was worried I'd struggle getting back into things post-birth. But this course was what I needed - it was so gentle from the beginning and I never felt like I was pushing or straining myself. I like how simple each stage is to follow & I can feel myself getting fitter each week."

Kira, Australia

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Complete Postnatal Recovery Program, starting from 1 week post-birth, guided meditations, Mum + Bub sessions, downloadable guides and online support throughout your recovery

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