The Element

Breathwork for Fertility Course 

Discover how breathwork can help you...

Regulate your nervous system, calm stress and boost your fertility

By realising the power of your breath

Simple techniques
Practice anywhere
Ease the stress of TTC

Did you know...your breath is the single most powerful tool you have available to you at any moment of the day?


Using these safe, effective & science-based practices will increase your fertility & reduce stress levels

The skills you learn through breathwork will assist through conception, pregnancy & beyond:

  • Have a toolkit of practices ready to use in any situation

  • Focus your mind on something other than medical appointments, scans & tests 

  • Learn ways to cope with the uncertainty of the fertility journey

Using Breathwork while trying to conceive will help you:

Improve sleep, regulate your nervous system & slow the release of stress hormones

Notice when anxiety takes over:

And provide you with all the tools you need to calm your body's response in that situation

Find a natural solution:

Safe, proven and science-based practices that will increase circulation & nourish your body

Increase your overall health:

Improve your sleep, boost energy when you need it & help ease you through the process of TTC


I spent years on a fertility journey of my own...and I wish I had learnt this sooner

For years, I struggled with my fertility. I know what it feels like to want a baby more than anything.


Over the years, I've worked with women who:

  • Have had hormonal issues, PCOS, low AMH, endometriosis & missing periods
  • Have experienced multiple miscarriages 
  • Have been through unsuccessful IUI & IVF cycles
  • Think they've missed their chance or they're "too old"

Just like these women, for so long I felt like I was in a place where I couldn't move forward with my life. I couldn't plan for the future. Everyone around me seemed to be building their families...and I felt like I'd been left behind. 


Please know you're not alone on this journey. There's a beautiful community of women here to support you when you're ready.


Increase Your Chances of Falling Pregnant

The Element Breathwork for Fertility  Online Course

Real Women with Real Results

"I had seen breathwork classes online but they seemed really intense and time consuming. I love that this breathwork course is more about creating moments of awareness with your breath, rather than having to set aside a whole hour to practice. 2 weeks in and I really notice the difference. Thank you"

Isla, New Zealand

"I Love how easy these practices are to follow. I feel like I'm sleeping better & I wake up with more energy. Highly recommend!"

Jessie, Ireland

"I had no idea what breathwork was about until I tried this course - these practices make you realise that your breath is a lot more than just inhaling & exhaling! I love how easy it is to recognise stressful moments now & use these tools to give me a sense of calm."

Esther, Canada

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10 x Breathwork practices throughout your cycle, tools for improving sleep & increasing energy

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