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Yoga for IVF Course



Take advantage of the bundle offer and gain access to the full Fertility & IVF course library:

  • 3 x Fertility Courses
  • Support both medicated & natural cycles throughout your fertility journey
  • Yoga & Meditation practices to support each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • Downloadable guides for cycle syncing, health & nutrition, mindset practices, manifestation techniques and more


What People Are Saying:

I went into IVF thinking I was totally prepared - but so much of the process was much harder than I expected. I found your course through a friend of mine & I wish I'd found it sooner. The IVF guide was incredibly detailed & explained a lot of things that I didn't hear from my doctor. I'm just waiting now for my transfer date but feeling so much more at ease in the lead up!

Jackie, Australia

I had been through 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles before I found your course. I really struggled to find emotional/mental support so being able to reach out & email you really helped me. After my fresh transfer from my 3rd cycle, I am so excited to share that my pregnancy test was positive! Thank you for everything Jen.

Demi, France

I was so nervous about starting IVF and my anxiety levels were through the roof. I was looking for something to help calm my nerves, and give my mind something else to focus on. Your program has been so helpful, thank you

Elisabeth, Australia